DCI symposium

Gabriele Corbetta & Joe Perkins: “Frameworks for Dynamic Competition”

Concerns around dynamic competition are increasingly featuring in merger control, particularly in the UK. Such concerns have been an important factor in the CMA’s decisions to prohibit the mergers between Microsoft and Activision and between Meta and Giphy. Other mergers that might have raised dynamic competition concerns have been abandoned by the parties, facing the...
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Anna Tzanaki: “Dynamic Challenges to Market Definition and Market Power Evaluation in Antitrust Cases: The Long Road Ahead”

Dynamic competition is the new kid on the block. It seeks to redirect the focus of competition policy towards innovation, value creation and economic change. Dynamism is indeed at the heart of competition. What’s not to like? The intuitive appeal of dynamic competition is hard to contest. Yet its practical application poses a series of...
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David J. Teece: “Dynamic Competition, Organizational Capabilities, and M&A: A Short Synopsis”

Competition increases when rivalry incentivizes firms to adopt more “efficient “practices. However, performing a fixed set of activities more efficiently only facilitates “static” competition. Absent significant innovation, efficiency augmenting rivalry does not and cannot deliver significant welfare improvements. A more powerful force of economic growth and productivity comes from dynamic competition through innovation and entrepreneurial...
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