Tips to write a great master thesis (in law)

The below text has not been heavily edited. Take it as a transcript of the above video, not proper writing. *** Welcome. My objective with this video is to help you score a good grade for your master’s thesis or a final paper. I have about 30 tips for you. Now, sorry to disappoint you...
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A list of open-access resources to learn computer science

With each passing day, our societies become a little more digital. In this context, I decided to list free access resources to learn the fundamentals of computer science (basic programming, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptography…). These resources do not require any prior technical knowledge; they are all accessible, fun, and academic. I classified them per field of expertise and level....
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Resources for antitrust law students

Over the last couple of months, I’ve published several articles and chronicles with the hope that they could benefit antitrust (U.S.) and competition law (E.U.) students (as well as the community?!). Today, I am gathering them all in the same place. Here we go. 1 – Literature: U.S. antitrust professors’ favorite articles: link Here, you will find a...
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Antitrust law professors’ favorite articles

Last year, I asked European professors of competition law to list their three favorite articles ever written in the field (they’re here). Today, I am delighted to be publishing the American counterpart. About 30 antitrust law professors have sent me their contribution–for which I am very grateful. Our antitrust family doesn’t agree on everything (to say the...
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Competition law academics’ favourite articles

I asked European academics (and friends) specializing in competition law to send me the list of their three favourite articles ever written in the field, and to explain their choice. It’s nothing easy (at all), but you’ll find their contributions right below. Thibault Schrepel @ProfSchrepel **** Thibault Schrepel (VU Amsterdam/Stanford University)   1. Friedrich A....
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Podcasts for antitrust law enthusiasts [updated in 2021]

Here is a list of all podcasts (I listen to) antitrust law enthusiasts may enjoy—whether to get new information or bold ideas to change the world. There is no particular order… unless there is a spontaneous one… 😉 *** Stanford Computational Antitrust What? Why?: The podcast explores how computational tools (such as AI and blockchain)...
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