June 3, 2019

Antitrust needs public choice

  Friends, I’m glad to introduce a series of short videos dealing with my most recent article, “Antitrust Without Romance” (to be downloaded over here). The first deals with public choice theory and explains why it’s needed in antitrust. Public choice was introduced in the late 50s and democratized by James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock...
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Links of May 2019

Please find below the articles that I enjoyed during the month of May 2019. Mostly antitrust-related, but not limited to it. Learn about them on a more regular basis by following me on Twitter at @LeConcurrential. General antitrust: Antitrust Without Romance (Thibault Schrepel) Beware The Unfair Use Of Behavioral Insights By Antitrust Agencies (A Story Of Google And The European Commission) (Thibault Schrepel) A...
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