July 1, 2019

Links of June 2019

Please find below the articles that I enjoyed during the month of June 2019. Mostly antitrust-related, but not limited to it. Learn about them on a more regular basis by following me on Twitter at @LeConcurrential. General antitrust: Remembering Regulatory Misadventures (Christine S. Wilson) Economic Analysis of Network Effects and Intellectual Property (Peter S. Menell) FTC v. Qualcomm, Antitrust, and Intellectual Property (Erik Hovenkamp) Apple...
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State-owned enterprises and the de facto protection by antitrust agencies

  Here’s the fifth video of my mini-series dealing with the article entitled “Antitrust Without Romance” (to be downloaded over). This post discusses the independence of antitrust agencies. A lot has been written on the subject, showing that they are, maybe, not ‘so’ independent, because, among other things, they are tied to the parliaments & governments which are funding...
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