March 7, 2022

NEW ARTICLE: “Complexity-Minded Antitrust”

Nicolas Petit and I are delighted to present you with our newest article, “Complexity-Minded Antitrust”. Here is the abstract: Complexity science is widely used across the policy spectrum but not in antitrust. This is unfortunate. Complexity science enables a rich understanding of competition beyond the simplistic descriptions of markets and firms proposed by neoclassical models and...
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Video: “Blockchain and monopolization”

I am delighted to publish a 15-video series dedicated to my book, “Blockchain + Antitrust: The Decentralization formula”. You can access all the chapters over here, and all the video transcripts over here. *** Transcript: In this video, I’d like to answer two complementary questions: one, where do we see abuses of dominance within blockchain ecosystems, and two,...
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