Three antitrust conversations with Nobel laureates in Economics

I am delighted to introduce three conversations on antitrust law I’ve had very recently with Nobel Prize laureates in Economics: Edward C. Prescott, Angus S. Deaton & Oliver D. Hart.

I have interviewed them (and others, to be published in the coming months) to understand how useful their work could be to antitrust law. Given the rigor and importance of their body of work, antitrust scholars, lawyers, officials, and anyone who’s interested in antitrust would benefit from studying them even though their writings do not deal directly with antitrust-related issues. Many topics are discussed, such as: questioning the protection of consumer welfare as a valid goal, protecting innovation, improving merger control, sanctioning monopolization, the durability of cartels and so on… These conversations also offer ideas for papers to be developed in dedicated studies.

For this exclusive window into the thoughts of Nobel Laureates, their current projects, and how their work can inform the antitrust enterprise, click below:



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