NEW antitrust conversations with Nobel laureates

Dear readers, Remember last summer March when I published conversations on antitrust/competition law that I’d had with three Nobel laureates… well, I do it again!

I’ve questioned three other Nobel laureates – Michael Spence, Alvin Roth, and Robert Aumann – on some “hot topics” covering antitrust law, including merger control, cartels, the politicization of the law, behavioral economics, monopolization on technological markets… They call into question numerous statements that we take for granted by answering the following matters:

– are cartels necessarily bad for consumers?
– should we expect more cartels in the years to come?
– is “big data” a way to make tacit collusion more effective?
– is price discrimination a good thing after all?
– should we clear more mergers?
– are network effects that important?
– is the importance given to behavioral economics exaggerated?
– will the rule-rationality kill behavioral economics?
– what is the best possible role for the OECD / ICN?

(note: yes, this is the same SSRN link,
but the document to download is brand new)
Thibault Schrepel

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