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Over the last couple of months, I’ve published several articles and chronicles with the hope that they could benefit antitrust (U.S.) and competition law (E.U.) students (as well as the community?!). Today, I am gathering them all in the same place. Here we go.

1 – Literature:

  • U.S. antitrust professors’ favorite articles: link

Here, you will find a list of over 25 U.S. antitrust law professors who have elected their three favorite articles ever written in the field. They all explain their choice, and there is a link leading to each of the articles they mention.

    • E.U. competition professors’ favorite articles: link

Here, you will find a list of over 25 European competition law professors who have elected their three favorite articles ever written in the field. They also explain their choice, and there’s also a link to access each of these articles.

  • Network Law Review guest articles: link

Each month, I am inviting one of the world’s most renowned antitrust scholars to write a short (and exclusive) piece for Concurrentialiste. You may see it as an opportunity to follow the most up-to-date scholarship, and to be confronted with new ideas.

2 – Monthly reading suggestions: link

At the end of each month, I list (recent) academic papers and press articles I enjoyed reading. I divide them into different categories, one for antitrust, one for blockchain and AI, one for big tech, one for economics, and one for books.

3 – Podcastslink

Here, you will find a list of podcasts for antitrust law enthusiasts. I find great inspiration for my research while listening to these podcasts, and I hope some of you will enjoy them as well – whether it is to get recent information or bold ideas to change the world. For each one of them, you will find a brief description and an explanation detailing why I featured it on this list. I have also selected one episode each so that you can “see” for yourself. There is no particular order… unless there is a spontaneous one…

4 – Newsletterslink

Here, you will find a list of newsletters for antitrust law enthusiasts. Not all of them are antitrust-centered, but they (all) contribute to keeping me up to speed. In fact, reading them (religiously) is a small commitment from which I derive a significant benefit. For each one of them, you will find a brief description, and, here also, an explanation detailing why I featured it on this list. As I’ve done for the podcasts, I have selected one issue each so you can get a better idea of what they cover.

5 – Case law: link

In this new bi-monthly chronicle, Makis Komninos (a renowned expert in the field) goes through the latest and most important competition law developments. We called it “competition stories” because Makis has promised to include some anecdotes from time to time, and not just stay at the black letter. Keep an eye on it.

6 – You can subscribe to Network Law Review to learn about new resources; it’s free and limited to one e-mail per month: HERE

Dr. Thibault Schrepel

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