VIDEOS: Computational Antitrust, Implementing Antitrust 3.0

I am pleased to be sharing 12 videos discussing how to implement computational antitrust, the challenges, and potential the field creates. These videos present what the U.S. Department of Justice is doing in the space, question the future of due process in antitrust litigation, discuss the robustness of machine learning to detect big-rigging, show how to create networks to visualize the antitrust case law, detail how to create an antitrust API, analyze merger simulations, present what the CMA, the Czech, and the Catalan competition agencies are doing, introduce the OECD thinking in the space, offer a list of ten subjects to be researched, explore interlocks in the life science industry, investigate agent-based modeling and antitrust issues in blockchain ecosystems, debates computational antitrust in Web3, and addresses computational antitrust future.

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