May 31, 2021

Antitrust Jukebox: three (very) unique webinars

Nicolas Petit and I are pleased to welcome you to the Antitrust Jukebox. During three (very) unique webinars, we will question our (very) special guests on their top 3 academic articles ever written, their top 3 advice to young researchers, and their top 3 things they’d change in antitrust. It will be both friendly and informative. Join...
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Reading suggestions – May 2021

Click here to order “Blockchain + Antitrust” *** This post features my latest reading suggestions based on the academic papers and press articles that I enjoyed reading in May 2021. As I tend to favor the active sharing of open-source publications, you can follow me on Twitter (@LeConcurrential) or LinkedIn (here) to access similar articles on a more regular basis. SUBSCRIBE TO THE...
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