Antitrust Conversations with Dennis W. Carlton (Chicago) & Guillaume Loriot (DG Comp)


I am pleased to introduce these “Antitrust Conversations” with some of the world’s most renowned antitrust law experts (law professors, economists & officials…) in which we discuss important – and controversial – issues of contemporary antitrust law. For the first publication, you will find conversations with Prof. Dennis W. Carlton (Chicago Booth) and Guillaume Loriot (DG Comp).

In the first one, we talked about economists’ influence on antitrust law, the opposition between the rule of law and regulation, the development of the tying doctrine, the importance given to market shares as well as the growing number of negotiated procedures.

The second interview with Guillaume Loriot (Director of DG Competition for the application of antitrust, merger and state aid rules in the field of Information, Communication and Media) focuses on high-tech markets. We talked about the creation of new European guidelines, the Microsoft / Skype decision, non-tariff strategies (including predatory innovation), new developments in procedure rules (including for interim measures) as well as the Commission’s own doctrine.

New conversations will be published in the coming weeks and months.

Thibault Schrepel


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