Antitrust Jukebox #1 — Video highlights

Last June, Nicolas Petit and I organized what appears to be the first edition of the Antitrust Jukebox. We invited six of our friends — Anna Tzanaki, Babette Boliek, Bill Kovacic, Michelle Connolly, Okeoghene Odudu, Pablo Ibáñez Colomo — all fantastic academics, to three sessions during which they discussed their top 3 academic articles ever written, their top 3 pieces of advice to young researchers, and their top 3 things they’d change in antitrust. We wanted to bring a lot of positive energy and break away from the ambient pessimism. As anticipated, we had a lot of fun and very much enjoyed surprising our guests with music quizzes, trivia questions, and AI demos. Here are the highlights in a 30 minutes video. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it – Thibault.

Session #1: 

Session #2:

Session #3:

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