Stanford CodeX Computational Antitrust first annual conference

I am thrilled to announce the very 1st edition of the Stanford CodeX Computational Antitrust Project annual conference. We have a fantastic lineup of speakers waiting for you to discuss antitrust 3.0. Antitrust agencies from over 50 countries, top academics, and practitioners will discuss advances in the field for what promises to be a groundbreaking conversation.

  • Day 1 | December 13, will be dedicated to introducing computational antitrust, its potential, and limits.
  • Day 2 | December 14, scholars will explore how computational tools (e.g., natural language processing and topic modeling) could increase our understanding of antitrust case law and legislation.
  • Day 3 | December 15, will be devoted to how other computational tools (e.g., fitness measurement, agent-based modeling, machine learning-based APIs) could augment antitrust agencies’ enforcement capacities.

Registration over hereJoin us!


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