A Database of Antitrust Initiatives Targeting Generative AI

Antitrust agencies are increasingly interested in generative AI.

This can be good news. As Sandy Pentland and I wrote last year (here), the competitive dynamics in this space can be supported by a careful antitrust agenda. While the AI Act should be improved if the EU wants innovation to flourish (see this article), enforcement actions remain a powerful tool in the hands of competition agencies.

Together with my students Abdullah Yerebakan and Nikoletta Baladima, we have compiled a list of all efforts by antitrust authorities in this area. Please note, first, that some of these initiatives are not entirely dedicated to generative AI (but they all at least mention it), and second, that we will try to update this list regularly. If you see something missing, we would be very grateful if you could let us know using this Google Form.



To quote this database: Thibault Schrepel, Abdullah Yerebakan & Nikoletta Baladima, A Database of Antitrust Initiatives Targeting Generative AI, Network Law Review, Winter 2023.

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