BOOK: Predatory innovation in antitrust law

Dear all,

I am very happy to announce that my first book is now available for sale. Entitled “Predatory innovation in antitrust law », it deals with predatory innovation (surprising, isn’t it ;), but also with competition on digital markets. In fact, this book is intended to all academics, lawyers, practitioners, judges, public authorities, business leaders and students interested in understanding how competition works in digital fields.

Published by Bruylant (Larcier), it contains 661 pages of declarations of love (in French) to competition law, plus a preface by Philippe Aghion (here in French). I leave you with an extract from it:

“In Europe, the obsession with competition sometimes leads to discouraging innovation. Conversely, in North America, there may be a lack of competitive vigilance under the pretext of encouraging innovation. Between these two models, we must converge towards institutions – particularly legal institutions – that reconcile innovation and competition. This is precisely what this book proposes to do.

The concept of “predatory innovation” developed in this book help to find the right balance between the two existing models. In particular, it makes it possible to distinguish a situation in which innovation “to escape competition” is real, from a situation in which, to escape competition, companies raise barriers to entry under the guise of innovation. This is precisely why this concept deserves to be submitted to public debate. I am delighted that a legal scholar is dealing with this very important issue from a law & economics perspective, and moreover, with such elegance. I therefore strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the issue of innovation.”

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I wish you all a great day,
Thibault Schrepel

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