Stanford CodeX Computational Antitrust 2nd annual conference

I am thrilled to announce the 2nd edition of the Stanford CodeX Computational Antitrust Project annual conference. We have a fantastic lineup of speakers waiting for you to discuss antitrust 3.0. Antitrust agencies from over 65 countries, top academics, and practitioners will discuss advances in the field for what promises to be a groundbreaking conversation. Join...
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New category: Ph.D. Voices

With the advent of the Network Law Review, the advent of a new category: Ph.D. Voices. This category is dedicated to Ph.D. candidates who want their voices heard in the antitrust world. Are you a Ph.D. candidate working on antitrust law and policy, digital regulation, computational law, complexity science, AI, blockchain, or another technology? This...
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Hello, Network Law Review!

I am thrilled to announce Le Concurrentialiste is becoming the Network Law Review. When I created Le Concurrentialiste back in April 2012, I was still a student in Paris. I remember walking down the streets of Le Marais, and thinking about the name of a new website I wanted to create. It took me 1...
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