Hello, Network Law Review!

I am thrilled to announce Le Concurrentialiste is becoming the Network Law Review.

When I created Le Concurrentialiste back in April 2012, I was still a student in Paris. I remember walking down the streets of Le Marais, and thinking about the name of a new website I wanted to create. It took me 1 minute to find Le Concurrentialiste. Was it a good name? A bad name? I don’t know. I got used to it. Le Concurrentialiste grew to 16,000 subscribers (thank you!). My two original co-editors (Morgan Carbonnel & Jean-Loup Jaumard) left (we remain best friends!), John Newman joined me before taking on new responsibilities; I started to invite guest professors; oh boy, it’s been fun!

There are several reasons why I changed the name this weekend:

➝ The original content was all in French, and now, it’s all in English. Also, it became apparent that Le Concurrentialiste is hard to pronounce (and therefore remember) should you not be a native French speaker.

➝ The original content was all about competition law, and now, it’s about US and EU antitrust, but also blockchain, artificial intelligence, technology law, computational law…

➝ I became a firm believer in the necessity to study law as a complex network (i.e., laws should be studied in relation to each other—antitrust laws with security, privacy, IP, digital…—; laws should be studied from a biological perspective—one law impact agents within the ecosystem, new agents change the nature of the ecosystem…—). I trust the word “Network” captures the idea of complexity science. Antitrust will remain our main focus, but related developments will be increasingly connected with digital laws, computational techniques, etc.

➝ In an ideal world, the Network Law Review would connect legal studies with other fields of science. I wanted to put “Law” front and center.

➝ In the coming months, I will announce new series authored by guest professors, hence “Review“.

➝ Concurrentialiste has never been a commercial endeavor. The same goes for the Network Law Review. So… .com was to disappear in favor of .org

Long story short, the Network Law Review is Concurrentialiste 2.0. You can subscribe over here. Thank you so very much once again for visiting these pages. It means the world to me; it does.

Oh, and no worries, I have redirected all links, so everything should run smoothly…


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