New category: Ph.D. Voices

With the advent of the Network Law Review, the advent of a new category: Ph.D. Voices. This category is dedicated to Ph.D. candidates who want their voices heard in the antitrust world. Are you a Ph.D. candidate working on antitrust law and policy, digital regulation, computational law, complexity science, AI, blockchain, or another technology? This is your chance. The Network Law Review is collecting abstracts on an ongoing basis of about 200 words. We encourage you to write on a provocative subject and use this opportunity to try out a new idea to see how academics/officials react to it. The selected candidates will be invited to turn their abstract into a 4-6 pages publication (about 2000 words) and will be published on our website with 16,000 subscribers, including top officials in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere.

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